Phast Phive: New September Memories


Cholly’s got the boys rollin’ again. Mandatory Credit: Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

Just when you thought the Phillies were going to be terrible and your Octobers were going to be free of all those annoying playoff contests the Phils always seemed to find themselves in, here they go again, completely ruining every wife’s dream of a stress-free month of October.

Yes, it’s time to get excited about the Phitins’ once again.

Onto the links…

John Stolnis

I like Domonic Brown and I desperately want him to be successful. But the guy is hitting .248/.328/.368 for an OPS of .696 after hitting just his second home run last night in 131 plate appearances so far in 2012. For his Major League career, spanning 411 plate appearances, he’s hitting .240/.319/.377 for an OPS of .696 with just 9 home runs and 31 extra-base hits. We can all still hold out hope that this guy is going to live up to his potential, but can I just offer one little piece of advice?

Guard your hearts. Because even though he has “great at bats,” the results still aren’t there. It’s too soon to give up on a 24-year-old player, and the kid really does need a full season under his belt, but dissecting his every move looking for even the slightest hint of production is starting to get real old.

This whole hullabaloo with the Nationals shutting down Steven Strasburg is just the kind of thing that can torpedo a team’s playoff chances. Not because losing Strasburg should have that big of an impact, although it is a big loss. But because of what it may do to hurt morale in the clubhouse. Which is probably why Scott Boras, Strasburg’s agent, is running away from this thing as fast as he can. Way to stay strong, my man.

And hey, remember the good ‘ol days when players used to openly call black players racist names? Yeah, those were quainter times, weren’t they? Of course, I’m being sarcastic, and one would think those neanderthal ways are done and gone, but according to the Reds’ star second baseman Brandon Phillips, it still happens.

Ethan Seidel

Playoffs! Did you say playoffs?! Technically the Phillies still have a fighting chance to get that last wild card spot. Amidst everything that’s happened this season it sound unfathomable that October is still a possibility. How can they do it you ask?

Didn’t both trade deadlines pass already? Despite the waiver deadline coming and going with September 1st, the Orioles are rumored to be interested in Juan Pierre to replace the injured Nick Markakis. Pierre wouldn’t be eligible for the playoffs if he does get dealt, but could this thing actually happen? i don’t know what’s crazier, the Orioles having a legitimate shot at the post season, or the Phillies!

Justin Klugh

It seems widely accepted that the Phillies are now in playoff contention, after months of assuming we were all just being great fans who still watched a team that sucked.  Now the trick is putting up with people who said they believed all along.  Which I did.

So, in the meantime, let’s watch replays from last night’s greatest moments, tap into our decorated September Phillies memories,  and think about next year a little less, because with each humiliating strike out of Jose Reyes at the hands of Phillippe Aumont, the future gets a little further away.

Or closer.

Whichever one’s better.