Phast Phive… Can’t Keep The Rocket Away


Whilst our editor is still out on safari, deep sea fishing in the Pacific, antiquing through Virginia horse country, or whatever the heck it is he does in his free time, it is up to myself and Ethan Seidel to provide you with your weekly dose of Phillies links. Do we feel the pressures of added responsibility weighing down on our shoulders in light of this great honor?

Well, yeah. Kinda.

Yet, we soldier on. Because that is what freelance bloggers who write for free do with their not-so-valuable time.

Ethan Seidel

The moment fans have been waiting for has finally arrived! No, not a Phillies miracle comeback but the arrival of Tyler Cloyd. What he lacks in raw talent and stuff he makes up for with guts. It’s the only explanation for a guy who who’s done so much with so little in AAA. Here’s to the Tyler Cloyd era!

And is the Phillies third-baseman of tomorrow on the team already? Could his name be Chase Utley? Jim Salisbury of CSNphilly is reporting that not only is Utley taking grounders at third, but he is open to the change. The switch could save a lot of stress on his knees, and not to mention the Phils NEED someone to man the hot corner. It may sound far fetched, but crazier things have happened.

John Stolnis

Phillippe Aumont has been pretty awesome since his call-up to the Majors, with Wednesday night providing another example of how devastating he may be as the Phils’ closer in six years when Jonathan Papelbon’s contract ends. Kid humps the straightball up there at 97-98 mph, with a wicked curveball that is easily the best of any Phils pitcher. But not only does Aumont have knee-bending stuff, his backstory is incredible.

Seven Phillies prospects will be playing in the Arizona Fall League this offseason. Among the Phils heading to Arizona, Reading 3B Cody Asche, who is getting a serious look as the Phils’ possible third baseman of the future. Incidentally, Darin Ruf will not be heading to Arizona, but may play winter ball as he tries to learn how to play left field.

Crashburn Alley (yes, that’s two Crashburn Alley links in the same Phast Phive… deal with it), a site with whom I do not always agree, broke down Tyler Cloyd’s Major League debut on Wednesday night. And as always, they used a lot of numbers and graphs and pie charts and stuff. They’re like the CNBC of Phillies blogs.

And finally, because the world hasn’t stopped wanting more Roger Clemens since, like, forever, it’s being reported that The Rocket will apparently make another start for the Atlantic League’s Sugar Land Skeeters. I swear, if we see Roger Clemens in another Major League game, I’m going to throw a paper weight through somebody’s TV.