Landing spots for the Flyin’ Hawaiian


My history teacher always preached to us to never take whatever some putz puts on the internet as fact. “Go to the primary sources” was her motto, ever weary of the wild-west approach of Wikipedia and the Internet at large. The same lesson applies to the MLB trade deadline rumor mill. The Internet provides an open forum for everyone to post their opinions, but it makes it impossible to separate a rumor from something credible.

The Phillies have had countless rumors circling the web about nearly everyone, but the most realistic involve the man currently patrolling center field; Shane Victorino. There is no guarantee that Vic will be dealt by the trade deadline, but it just makes to0 much sense not to trade him.

He will be a free agent at the end of the year, and if the team really intends to spend over $100 million on Cole Hamels there won’t be much left for a quirky outfielder who is north of thirty. With that in mind, I’ve offered some possible landing spots for the Flyin’ Haiwaiian that would be beneficial for both the Phightins and his new club. Editiors Note: The following is pure speculation, rumor, here-say, conjecture. Please do not mistake for actual reporting.

Cincinnati Reds

The Reds find themselves atop the NL Central, but aren’t without holes in their roster. Center is a glaring need with third-year man Drew Stubbs continuing to struggle (.219 average). If the Reds are committed to making a serious run at the NL Central title, Victorino could provide just the spark they need. Despite his struggles he would still be an upgrade over their current outfield set-up, and would provide the young Reds team with a veteran who’s been around the block.

Odds: 10-1

New York Yankees

The Yankees seemed like a logical choice, until they shocked the baseball world by acquiring veteran outfielder Ichirooooooooooooo.

Odds: NA

Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers have been a popular choice in the Cole Hamels sweepsteaks, but also make a lot of sense for Victorino. To say the Dodgers have offensive limitations would be a vast understatement. LA could use upgrades at several positions, and could plug Victorino into left field (try asking Matt Kemp to move over). All of a sudden they have the best hitting outfield in the NL (Kemp and Ethier) plus a vastly improved defensive core too. A little sunshine just might be the thing Shane needs to kick start his bat.

Odds: 15-1

Washington Nationals

I know its sacrilege to even consider trading with a division rival, but hear me out. The Nationals are poised to make the playoffs for the first time as their D.C. incarnate. Bryce Harper has been as good as any 19 year old in baseball history, and their staff continues to dominate. BUT, they still haven’t been able to answer the glaring need for a center fielder. The Nats just DFA’d Rick Ankiel, and are currently trotting out Roger Bernadina in the interim. Their farm system is deep, and Mike Rizzo could offer some young bullpen help to finally get his center-fielder.

Odds: 100-1