Dom Brown Watch Reaching All New Levels of “Okay”


Every so often with Dom Brown, we get the opportunity to hit the reset button and pretend that he is an exciting young prospect again.  He then goes on a tear that flattens out over a period of weeks, culminating in an 0-for-30 drought in which he fails to comprehend the “fly ball,” or an injury to his hand or his knee or his feelings.

It seems we are the beginning of the cycle yet again–if there even can be a “beginning” anymore.  Dom returned Monday to Lehigh Valley from his knee sprain on June 27, and in the past two nights has gone 4-for-8 with a walk and an RBI.

If we combine these with the numbers he put up while playing with the Gulf Coast League Phillies, with whom he hit .579 with seven doubles and four RBI, then he becomes some sort of horrific monster prospect on whom we should pin all of our hopes and dreams, especially in this season of many woes.

Apparently he’s comfortable again out there, so the next question is how long do we have to wait before ruining him at the Major League level again?

Not sure how married to the “Dom Brown Will Play a Full Season at Triple-A (TM)” plan the Phillies brass still is, because I can’t imagine what else has actually gone according to plan in 2012.  You’d think things a few weeks ago were desperate enough to say “Fuck it,” and dial Ryne Sandberg, but the front office held firm and there Dom was, performing adequately in a place without too many adequate fellows.

Of course, should Shane Victorino or Hunter Pence be traded, there aren’t a whole lot of other names that come to mind within the organization who could fill his spot.  And that’s not even saying Dom could do it very well, at first, but he’s young (I think, still), and he’d have a higher ceiling than John Mayberry.

So doo dee doo dee doo.  I think maybe the priority for the Phillies right now is to not scare off this odd little win streak they’ve put together, so everybody’s just standing still, rigid with apprehension.  I know I am!  I am utterly motionless at the moment, save for the rapid movement of my fingers on the keyboard.  Everybody’s looking at me like I’m a serial killer, but I don’t care.

Anways, the Phillies should come to a decision on Brown, if they haven’t already, because the AP only has so many Spring Training pics of him available and quite frankly I’m running out of options.