Phillies Phoes of the Week: “Anywhere but L.A.”


Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers welcomed back their all star center-fielder Matt Kemp this weekend. Kemp had been battling hamstring issues for well over a month, leaving the team’s offense relying on a patchwork lineup (sound familiar?) Thankfully for the Dodgers, they have been able to hold down the fort with Kemp out of action.

Different players have stepped up for big blue, from new comer A.J. Ellis to youngsters Dee Gordon and Scott Van Slyke. None of their numbers jump off the page, but they have done enough to keep the team afloat. But, the Dodgers need Kemp in a bad way.  The team has lost 6 of 10 and are staring up at the Giants in the division. The team will look for another bat to help Kemp and Andre Eithier out (Shane Victorino anyone?).

Thankfully for the Phillies they will have Roy Halladay back starting tuesday night’s game. Doc v. Kemp will be worth the price of admission.

When last we met

The Phillies would like to forget their last meeting with LA. The Dodgers came to town and wiped the floor with the Phightins on their way to a four game sweep. The Phillies lost every which way possible, blowing games late, getting shelled early, and just plain old stunk up the joint.

If there is any hope for the Phillies they will need to turn the tables and bring their brooms to the coast. If the team sees Kenley Jansen in the ninth inning three straight nights again don’t expect positive results.

Series Predictions

  • With Cole not scheduled to pitch, he will have ample time to do some real estate shopping (I hear malibu is nice).
  • The Big Piece finally goes deep…and then continues to look befuddled at the plate.
  • Shane Victorino hammers out a non-aggression pact with Dodger fans, paving the way for a trade to LA LA land.

Fansided Perspective

Scott Andes, editor of Lasorda’s Lair, helped quell my fears of Cole Hamels going to the Dodgers, as well as answering all things happening in Dodger-land.

The Dodgers were the dream team of the first 2 months of the year, but now only hold a 1/2 game lead over the rival Giants. Are injuries to blame, or is the team just coming back down to earth?

Mostly injuries yes, but I mean we can’t expect them to play .600 Ball all season long. Still most people just refuse to give the Dodgers any credit, but it’s really been an entire team wide effort to stay afloat in the standings until all the regulars get back from injury. The injuries have killed the offense more than the pitching staff. maybe people don’t realize just how many injuries the Dodgers have and have had. They currently have 8 players on the DL right now. four pitchers, and three position players, (Kemp and Ethier are being activated on Friday).

The pitching staff was able to flourish because the Dodgers have a ton of pitchers, they have right handed pitching in spades, but on offense they have very litte if any depth at all. The three biggest injuries were, 1.Matt Kemp, 2. Andre Ethier, 3. Mark Ellis. The Dodgers were winning because on most days, Kemp and Ethier’s offense were enough to win games, behind their solid pitching, and Mark Ellis’s wonderful defense stabalizing the infield. With those guys back, the Dodgers should start to win more games again.

They are still in a great position being in first place, even by a small margin, and having a winning record. With the deep pockets of the new ownership, I expect the club to make moves to improve the team for a playoff run, and I hope a division title.

LA would love to get their hands on Cole Hamels. Make your us your best offer (sorry, not a question).

I know you guys have fallen on hard times, but I didn’t know it’s this bad, yeesh.

I’m not sure the Dodgers have the depth in the farm system to have enough to get Hamels. I guess it depends on how desperate you guys are to move him, and more important, where Hamels wants to play? Does he want to stay in philly?, or test the market? Either way we would love to have him, he’s a great pitcher, but I think the Dodgers have a better chance at trying to sign him as a free agent this winter.

Outside of landing Hamels, what are the biggest needs the Dodgers are likely to address at the deadline?

The biggest need at the moment for the Dodgers is third base. It has been a veritable black hole of nothingness. Not one semblence of any kind of power or run production.

Think of a tumbleweed, blowing in the wind, that gets one base more often than Juan Uribe does.It’s no secret the Dodgers need to upgrade their corner infield spots, specifically third base. They have looked at everyone. They missed out on Youkilis, and came close to landing Carlos Lee. I like Chase Headley, who seems to be a productive, third baseman with a decent glove and arm.

I’m hoping the Dodgers get someone, because it’s obvious we cant go on any longer with Uribe (.194 avg), and James Loney (.247 2 HR) and they have nothing in the minors at these positions. They have also been scouting Ryan Dempster of the Cubs, because injured starter Ted Lilly’s return is unknown due to shoulder inflammation. The Dodgers might need an extra starting pitcher, but most of their needs remain on offense.