Phast Phive: Phor Better or Phor Worse


We’re about to have a winless Cliff Lee on the roster and it’s already June.  Of course, we’ve got no Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, or Roy Halladay at all.  But we do have a Freddy Galvis and a Chooch!  And a Ty Wigginton.

Yeah I don’t know either.

Justin Klugh

We’ve  been talking a lot about Ruben Amaro lately, for the last four years.  He’ been dancing in the shadows when it comes to Howard and Utley updates, and folks are concerned he is constantly seconds away from a rash, farm-system voiding move that makes the Phillies better for 20 minutes and much, much worse for five years.

What better time, then, to go down memory lane and review some of the deals he’s made that had us giggling with glee or groaning with agony.  But even the agony didn’t last long.  Sure, we poindexters would complain about those prospects we liked watching, but because they were only minor leaguers, we were able to forget them with relative ease.  And look, Hunter Pence!

Meanwhile, some of the players who are currently on the team have had their likenesses used in local lawyer ads.  Not sure how much J-Roll got for that one but it was probably enough to set all kinds of Waterbury town records.

Ethan Seidel

Next time the Phillies and Braves meet up pay attention to first baseman Freddie Freeman. He is now entering into the long tradition of athletes rocking prescription rec-specs! The matchup between Freeman and Worley just got a whole lot more interesting.

This one is for all of you optimistic folks who think the Phillies will be fine without Roy Halladay. Bleacher Report has compiled a sizable list of reasons to give up on the season. Judge for yourself, but i had to pull myself back from the cliff after reading.

Tony DiStefano

Everyone is dying!

Looking at the ages of people who play professional sports is often depressing.  For the last quarter century, Jamie Moyer has been throwing baseballs and making old dudes happy.  This may finally be the end.