I Think We All Have Better Things To Do: Phillies Lose 9-5


I fixed a screen door, stained a picnic table and folded some laundry.  No longer can I rationalize actually devoting 100% of my attention to the Phillies.  I understand that slumps happen and I understand that this will end at some point, but it almost felt like this team was impervious to being boring.  They are not.  I know this because they are currently an exceedingly boring team to watch.  Strike that.  Can you be bored and infuriated simultaneously?  If that is possible, last night typified this sentiment.

I always laugh a little bit when I see Kyle Kendrick trudge his way out to the pitching mound.

I can’t really be sure when the incredibly average right hander makes me chuckle.  It may have something to do with the stories about him following Roy Halladay around during Doc’s workouts.  It brings to mind a cool/talented older brother, not cool/terrible younger brother relationship.  Last night, with the score 5-0 with the homer less Justin Upton at the plate, I looked up from my pile of laundry and proclaimed to my wife that the score will be 6-0 after Upton hits a ball out of the stadium.  It got pretty damn close.  Kendrick’s line is not very funny, 3+ innings of work, eleven hits and seven runs allowed.

The offense was shut out by left hander Wade Miley.  The only runs they scored came in the ninth inning with Diamondback’s manager Kirk Gibson attempting to get a struggling relief pitcher some work.  Not much else to say.  9-5 ass beating at the hands of a team that was having a bit of trouble swinging the bat.

Vance Worley goes in the second game of the series against that guy who throws the ball directly over the top, like a pitching machine (Josh Collmenter).