Maybe Blanton is Terrified of Camoflage: Padres Win 6-1


That was really hard to watch.  Usually the Phillies can pitch and catch the ball, making blow outs something of a rarity.  Today in San Diego, the team struggled in the field, at the plate and on the mound.  They were shut down by non discriminant pitcher number four (Anthony Bass).  Like I said, this kind of garbage is extremely difficult to watch much less attempt to provide some sort of analysis about.

Joe Blanton managed to build off of his last poor start by having another poor start.  There is a funny thing about human being.  We search for connections, for a sense of community.

To accomplish this, we try to do things that make us similar to other humans.  Joe Blanton committed an error to foster a sense of community with the other players committing errors and pitched like crap to make the guys swinging bats feel a little better.  Joe’s altruism resulted in six innings of six run ball (three earned).  He is now 1-2.

Struggles at the plate happen, it is just tough to watch virtually every member of a team slump simultaneously.  Guys with extra base potential are hitting singles.  Guys who hit singles aren’t hitting at all.  John Mayberry Jr. looks like a career .250 minor league hitter and Juan Pierre looks like a thirty four year old who used to be fast.  Jim Thome looks too old.  Freddy Galvis looks too young.  It is just not going well right now.

Nick Hundley actually hit a home run out of Petco.  It is really funny when it is easier to hit a triple than a home run.  Hundley also hit a triple and drove in four runs.  In a game full of people not catching the ball and with the Phillies not hitting the ball, Hundley was certainly the offensive star of the game.

The Phillies are sending Kyle Kendrick to the mound in a hitters ballpark in Arizona.  God help us all.