What A Dickey: Phils Can’t Solve Mets Knuckleballer


It’s always surprising when you hear that a guy like R.A. Dickey was a first round draft choice.  He would have gotten a big signing bonus as a high draft pick, but they discovered that he was missing parts of his arm (specifically, his ulnar collateral ligament).  He muddled through his first years in pro baseball and as a last resort, developed a knuckle ball.  Now, he pitches extremely well against the Phillies.  In summation, a guy with a broken arm who throws a weird pitch owns the Phillies.

The Phillies countered with Cliff Lee.  All Cliff’s body parts are in place and he is considered one of the best pitchers in the league.  He has also had some success against the Mets in his carrer.  It would make sense that the Mets would throw up a three spot in the first inning on Lee.  Cliff gave up back to back doubles to begin the game.  All you Met fans out there, apparently there is a way to get Jason Bay to hit the ball; throw the ball directly down the middle.  Lee grooved a fastball and Bay deposited it into the center field bleachers.  Lee settled in after the first, but the three first inning runs would stand up.

The Phillies out-hit the Mets 11-6, but they could not get a clutch hit off of Dickey.  Jimmy Rollins went 3-4, Cliff Lee went 2-2 and Freddy Galvis went 2-4 with his first major league home run.  Of thier twelve base-runners, only two would cross the plate.  5-2 win for the Mets.

Cliff Lee was out-pitched by R.A. Dickey, Jason Bay hit a ball 400 ft. and Freddy Galvis continues to lead the team in RBI.