Phillies Shut Out in Crapfest


David Wright has a broken pinky.  He also absolutely destroyed a pitch from Vance Worley in the first inning just after the announcing team questioned his capabilities based on his injury.  Just shut up and call the damn game jerkwads.  You don’t hear Larry Andersen talking about David Wright.  He is much more interested in talking about recreational drug use and how much he hated to hit in the major leagues.

That first inning home run from Wright would proved to be the game winner as Jonathan Niese, Bobby Parnell and Jon Rauch combined to shut out the Phillies.  No one on the team managed more than one hit as the Phillies never really threatened against Niese.  The Mets tacked on three runs in the fourth and another run in the ninth.  5-0 win for the Mets.  This one was pretty gross.

On a different note; David Wright has started the season on fire.  If the offense and specifically Placido Polanco continue to struggle, there will continue to be a groundswell of support for the acquisition of the Mets third baseman.  The real question here does not hinge upon his availability, but on what sort of package the Mets would require for Wright’s services.  Ruben Amaro has shown a propensity to make a big splash, but this has left the minor league bereft of blue chip prospects.  At what point would the current struggle necessitate a major move?  This a really good question, but not one best addressed if the Mets pull off the sweep.