On Deck Series Cruel Replication of Actual Baseball


The on deck series.  It sort of looks like real baseball, I mean they play it in the proper stadium and everything, but based on the amount of at bats that Pete Orr is getting and the fact that Hector Luna seems to be making frequent appearances, I would infer that while it looks a little more like real baseball it is still just spring training.  Spring training without palm trees, or girls from hooters as the ball girls, or giant cases of bubble gum being transported via tractor trailer.  I have made the executive decision to condense both on deck games into one review.

In game one, Juan Pierre was leading off.  Yes I am talking about THAT Juan Pierre.  The one that always seemed to kill the Phillies.  In 2003 Juan Pierre led the league in stolen bases, hit .305, topped 200 hits, finished in the top ten in the MVP voting and contributed to a Marlins world championship.  Based on what I know about the passage of time, it is now 2012.  Pierre can bunt for a base hit and will certainly try to steal bases at every opportunity.  If this game is any indication, Pierre should assimilate into the role reasonably competently.  He went 1-2 with two runs scored and a stolen base.  If there is any of the 2003 Juan Pierre left in the 2012 version this can turn into a good thing.

When did Joe Blanton get so skinny?  I have watched Kentucky Joe throw all spring and I never noticed his new and improved waistline until he was back in Philadelphia.  He looked really good.  He was throwing everything for strikes and he had good break on his curveball.  It really is a shame that Joe pitches in a rotation with a bunch of bad-asses and in comparison, he looks like an overweight, undertalented waste of a rotation spot.  In reality, Joe is an above average pitcher and he appears to be healthy.  Nice going Joe.

The Phillies won the game 4-3 on a Freddy Galvis RBI triple.  Not only did their supposed all glove infielder win the game with an extra base hit, but the offense managed to manufacture a few runs by hitting behind runners and playing small ball.  The only question is weather Ryan Howard’s injury will prohibit him from bunting upon his return.

In game number two Cole Hamels took the hill in his final tune-up before the regular season.  Four innings, no runs, five strikeouts and no walks.  At this point, I am not really sure what you tell you about Cole.  It sure looks like he is ready for the home opener.

Placido Polanco hit a home run.  That is all.  7-2 Phillies win.

The next games will actually count.  Roy Halladay takes on Eric Bedard at PNC park in Pittsburgh at 1:35 on April 5th.  What do you think the odds are that Bedard’s arm falls off?