TBOH’s Extremely Rational 2012 Phillies Round Table, Part 2

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Ah, the second parts of things.  When the aspects so beloved about the first part are developed even further, based on the responses to their initial counterparts.  It’s quite romantic.

Here, the writers at TBOH once again sit down at this very, very round cyber-table and openly discuss various important topics about the 2012 Phillies.  Be sure to check out the first part, as we lay the groundwork for this visually stunning sequel.

What will Heidi Hamels demand in Cole’s new contract?

Ethan Seidel:  Never underestimate the power that the wives hold in contract negotiations.

Heidi has done a lot of great work with the Hamel’s foundation, which she and Cole founded in 2008. I’m sure they don’t have too much trouble catering to the wealthy for donations to their non-profit, but these organizations always need a steady stream of cash. If I were Mrs. Hamels, I would ask the Phillies (or the highest bidding team) to set up a sizeable endowment for their foundation to see it thrive beyond the life of Cole’s playing days.

Oh, and of course a fly new whip for Mrs. Hollywood.

John Ricco:  An apartment in the Comcast Center. Living in Two Liberty Place is so four years ago.

John Stolnis:  Well, for starters, she’s gonna ask for a lifetime supply of Uggs. That’s for certain. Plus, with all the children they’re having/adopting, my guess would be she’d ask for the world’s largest Moon Bounce House. I’m talkin’ more square footage than the interior of the Constitution Center. That would be fly.

Justin Klugh:  I don’t know, what do women like?  Colorful sand?  Hey, that’s not bad.  Like, in a transparent cube.