The Weekend That Was: Freddy Galvis is the Team Leader in HR and RBI


Spring baseball is heaving toward its grisly end.  Chase Utley came back from God knows where with a new stretching regimen.  My main question centers around the timeliness of said regimen.  It seems like it would have made a little more sense to maybe see this knee shaman in the offseason and work on his knees.  That being said, the most handsomest second baseman in the league will start the season on the disabled list thus setting the stage for last year’s Paul Owens award winner Freddy Galvis.

Over the weekend, Roy Halladay and Vance Worley had some early struggles but settled down to throw well.  Antonio Bastardo looked like he is well on his way back from a dead arm period by striking out two guys with runners in scoring position and Freddy Galvis hit his second home run of the spring by going back to back with Pete Orr.  Yes everyone, you read that correctly; Pete Orr and Freddy Galvis hit back to back home runs.  If this ever happens again, I will record myself eating my hat and post it on this site.

Spring is almost over everyone, time to start actively fretting about the offense instead of hypothetically imagining that Lou Montenez is the Phillies’ offensive savior.  Luckily, the Phillies scored a bunch of runs against the Red Sox, hopefully this type of outburst will carry over into the regular season.  It is also difficult to give two shits about games that don’t count.