Joe Blanton, Meet Jon Lester


Has anyone who reads this website ever drank beer at work?  Honestly I really do not understand this type of behavior due mostly to the fact that I don’t drink.  If it was really that important to drink a beer wouldn’t it be possible to consume the beverage directly after the game, or is there something intrinsically interesting about getting drunk at the place where you are not supposed to get drunk?  Apparently it was frowned on enough to get a manager fired and have a general manager sent to a nei-impossible situation.  Jon Lester admitted to drinking in the clubhouse and new manager Bobby Valentine stated that this type of behavior would not be tolerated.

If Lester pitches like he did today, he can probably smoke crack in the clubhouse and management will look the other way.  Lester gave up two hits over seven innings while striking out ten.  It used to be that a tough left handed pitcher could neutralize the left handed contingent of the Philadelphia line-up.  Every starter for the Phillies today was either a switch hitter or right handed.  This strategy did not work.

Joe Blanton looks like a guy who would enjoy some fried chicken and beer.  He was even rumored to be on his way to the Red Sox before last season for extra outfielder Mike Cameron.  If there was any sort of interest from the Red Sox it probably waned after five innings, five runs and two home runs.  He managed to strike out five, but was consistently up in the zone and the Sox took advantage.  Maybe Joe needed to work on watching people smash the shit out of his pitches; mission accomplished.

I will hate Cody Ross for the rest of my days and looking at Dustin Pedroia makes me miss Chase Utley even more because he is bald and ugly.

Day off tomorrow, Minnesota on Wednesday.