Placido Polanco Overcomes Four-Day Bout with Minor Finger Injury


"“It hurts a little bit.”–Placido Polanco"

See, Chase?  See how Polly felt pain in a body part, and then told other people about it?  Other people with the ability to help him?  So that he wouldn’t have to go through his day stifling grunts of pain or straight fleeing from reporters or retreating from the practice field to very quietly break a bat over his own face out of frustration with his knees.

But whatever.  I told you guys Polanco would be fine.  Well, Scott Proefrock told all of us, and then I told you again on the internet.  Blogging!

Anyways, unless the Phillies are lying just to get off, the sprained finger isn’t broken and all is apparently well with our third baseman, putting the number of starting infielders on our Opening Day roster back up to two.  Not only has Polanco been very open about his injury, but he’s said things like “There’s no backing up now” in regards to his progress and even volunteered to play second, if needed.

Sure, this was a minor injury and worth checking out.  But was this whole process, taking place in the shadow of Chase Utley’s disappearance, an indication of how the Phillies will be treated even when they are not hurt badly?  At the first sign of trouble, will the Phanatic bust out of the gate and drag the questionable player off the field on his ATV for further examinations?  What’s the threshold here–a speck of dirt in the eye?  A sore calf?  Boredom?

There’s no point in announcing all the signs that we are an aging squad.  We are one.  But at least he’s okay.  For now.  And he gave Freddy Galvis his stamp of approval, too, according to Matt Gelb.