Roy Halladay Silences Injury Talk With Sharp Outing


By injury talk, I all mean all injury talk.  I have chosen to ignore the fact that the right side of the Phillies’ infield will be in walking boots, or visiting mystical shaman in an attempt to cheat death.  All of this is brought about by Roy Halladay.  I know that it was against the Orioles, but Roy looked sharp today.  It is this type of outing that can quell the demons spewing bile of a Washington Nationals division title.  The type of outing that makes you remember that the Phillies have three of the top ten pitchers in baseball.  The type of outing that makes you remember that the Phillies can and will pitch the hell out of the baseball.

Roy looked like Roy and Michael Martinez seemed to have caught the foot in a walking boot disease from Ryan Howard.  I was hoping that the Phillies and the mad scientists that every major league team employs starting farming body parts from their less important players.  In actuality he was hit in the foot by a pitch in the seventh inning.  He is an infielder so this seems like a bigger deal than it is.  He is utterly replaceable.

On another positive note, Freddy Galvis added his team leading 11th RBI of the spring and the Phillies scratched their way to a 4-1 win.  On a not so positive note, if Freddy Galvis leads the team in RBI this year they are fucked.