The Phillies Played a Game Today As We All Freak Out About Utley


It is really good that the Phillies can pitch.  It looks like more bad news about the second baseman.  Apparently that “chronic injury” thing is no joke as Chase Utley was shipped to an unspecified specialist to help him deal with the fact that BOTH of his knees are broken.  This is the type of bad news that makes the Ryan Howard ruptured achilles injury seem a little less permanent.  People return from achilles injuries, they do not recover from chronic conditions.

It looks like Freddy Galvis will be the opening day second baseman.  He drove in two runs today and has been pretty impressive this spring.  The problem with Galvis centers around the fact that he will be attempting to replace one of the best offensive second basemen of all time.  I usually make some sort of snarky comment about the fan base overreacting to something that isn’t that important.  I think we are all justified in doing some freaking out about this one.  It seems that we have seen the last of Chase Utley; elite baseball player, or maybe even a baseball player at all.

At this point a meaningless spring training baseball game seems really unimportant.  In any event, Joe Blanton got hit around a little bit, but the Phillies used Galvis’s two RBI triple in a 4-3 win.

Hopefully tomorrow, Chase Utley appears and lets us all know that this was a cruel joke and he will be in the line-up against Orioles.