Ryan Howard Takes Relationship with Walking Boot to Next Level


Things have been changing fast for Ryan Howard.  First, he gets used to walking.  Then, he has it taken away.  Next, he gets used to buzzing around on a Rascal.  Then, he has it taken away.  Ryan’s mobility has broken his heart so many times, it’s understandable that he may not be enthused about being set up again.

Well, that’s not going to stop the Phillies from forcing the issue.  The issue in this case is a walking boot, which will protect his wounded leg from the elements and swarms of insects and enemy spies and Shane Victorino’s manic kicking and whatever else qualifies as danger around the Phillies clubhouse.

This is a big step for Ryan, and not just because it enables him to take bigger steps.  It allows him to begin what the trainers are calling “light exercise.”  This means Ryan can walk quietly, whistle, tap his toes to a groovy tune, or field ground balls going no more than 2 mph.

"“…basically riding a bike, doing a little leg motion-type stuff, trying to do what I can so when I’m actually out of the boot I can hit the ground running.”–Ryan Howard on what he can currently do"

It still isn’t clear why the Phillies would need Ryan to hit the ground running, as it seems like a needless risk to ask of someone with an infected leg wound.  What will he be jumping out of?  How fast will it be moving?  How exactly does one hit the ground already running?

Nevertheless, Ryan’s been given the green light, and we can put aside those horrible feelings of loss and abandonment we had when his recovery was slightly delayed.  Now, we can rejoice with the news that everything is, and will continue to be forever, fine.