Lakewood BlueClaws Announce Parade of Enthusiastic Costumed Gentlemen


All we baseball fans really want to do is laugh and clap our hands.  Many claim it’s about the beauty and respect of the game itself, admiration for the players, or all the of cliche subtleties that combine to create that perfect summer evening.

But the truth is, yeah, all we’re really looking for is a reason to let out our inner gigglepuss.

Thankfully, the Lakewood BlueClaws are aware of this desire and boy howdy, are they ever ready to unleash a legion of goofdom on us in 2012.  A lot of people will spend the next few hundred days talking about the Mayan Apocalypse, but those of us who know better won’t waste any words on anything but the parade of mascots cartwheeling through Jersey this summer.

It’s actually referred to as the “Bushel of Entertainers” for reasons I did not bother to look up.  All you have to know is that the Phanatic will be there at some point, along with the historic San Diego Chicken, without whom we wouldn’t have a Phanatic.  Which isn’t to say he’s better than the Phanatic, he just came first.  And he deserves some minor props before we turn our full attention to the Phanatic before he smashes something or convinces an umpire to rip his pants off and hula dance.

That happens so often, you’d think the league would have said something by now.  But entering a dance-off with a team’s mascot is I guess part of the game’s human element.

Anyways, Yo Gabba Gabba will be in Lakewood July 1st.  You know them–they’re the ones your child shuts up for a god damn second to watch for 22 precious minutes a day.  Or they’re the ones you chuckle softly at as you fall asleep on the couch in your dorm’s common area and the bong slips gently out of your grasp.  Anyways, they’ll be there too.

So join in the fun this summer as strangers in costumes dance for your amusement.

Also there will probably be baseball I guess.