Phillies Wander Into Room Full of People Interested in Gio Gonzalez


"The Tigers, Diamondbacks, Marlins, Reds and Phillies are the known suitors for Gonzalez, according to sources.Other clubs including the Blue Jays, Nationals, Red Sox, Rangers and Rockies also are known to be pursuing starting pitching and likely have some interest in Gonzalez.–Ken Rosenthal"

That’s so many teams, Ken Rosenthal couldn’t even fit them into a single paragraph.

But why… why would the Phillies be interested in a left-handed starting pitcher on the A’s?  Because he’s a good second option.  And not just in 2005, when he was in the Phillies’ farm system and rated the #2 prospect.  Behind Cole Hamels.

So what are the Phillies going to do?  Trade Cole Hamels?  Lose Cole Hamels to free agency?  Who knows.  Ruben Amaro shows up when a player is a hot topic and all the other GMs just roll their eyes.  He’s everywhere, like oxygen.  Or apparently the remains of U.S. soldiers.

Only this time, yes, there is probably a motive behind his actions because if you’re enjoying this hilarious Jimmy Rollins contract negotiation, you’re going to love the one Cole Hamels’ is due to have after 2012.  As a star pitcher on a pitching-first team, all we can do is hope Cole hasn’t noticed how utterly spectacular he is, because he’ll probably want to paid proportionally.  I assumed that’s why we signed Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee; so that any accomplishments Cole could want to be paid for would be smothered under the stuff legends are made of.

Cole has to know he was it pretty good here.  If the Phillies make another run this year, and get at least as far as they did this time, and the starting pitching is to thank, then maybe he’ll recognize that he and the other aces were clustered together for a reason.  And it wasn’t just for the photo ops.  Although some particularly snarky people may sneak in a zinger like “…but so far photo ops are all they have!”

You’ve got to watch out for those kind of witticisms when you’re the best.  But no one tell Cole that.

But if Cole does pay attention, even just a little bit, he’s going to realize that he is pretty good.  Unlike a toaster, you can’t just smash Cole Hamels with a hammer if he becomes self-aware, and Ruben may not want to deal with him.  Having Gio Gonzalez on staff would fill the role Cole would vacate.

As long as Cole doesn’t get distracted by a jewelry gala or something, he’s going to be pretty sure he wants money.  And the Phillies should pay him.  So let’s hope all this Gonzalez snooping is just to piss off the other GMs.