Interminable Mike Zagurski Trade Finally Comes to Noticeable End


Mike Zagurski was traded and apparently the other team felt obligated to give us something for him, which is nice.  Its always encouraging when teams work together like that.  After several months of careful, deep introspection, the Diamondbacks gave us Adam Worthington.  

Adam Worthington is a right-handed pitcher whom the internet has very little to offer us.  I would advise Ruben Amaro to check and make sure if he even exists.  The Diamondbacks may have just shipped us a scarecrow with a glove on its left hand in exchange for Mike Zagurski.  Which with the decorative schemes this time of year is probably a fairly decent return.

Here’s a brief summary of The Mike Zagurski Era:

  • Called up to replace Brett Myers’ strained right shoulder
  • Pitches
  • Receives applause based on cheeseburger-like appearance
  • Is not great
  • Retires Barry Bonds, once
  • Charlie Manuel says, “He definitely has a future with us.”
  • Traded to Arizona for scarecrow

There will always be room for a left-handed pitcher on somebody’s roster, until one day we learn a more sustainable method of using them.  Right now we just sign them, use them up, and then pass them along in hopes of the new scenery giving back any glimpse of glory they thought they had.  Its a horrible process of which Zagurski is the latest victim.

Of course there’s no reason to assume Adam Worthington’s future in Philadelphia will be anything but bright!  Anyways, it doesn’t matter, he’s right-handed, like I told you.