Pat Gillick and a Cuban Sandwich


Pat Gillick takes a giant bite out of an almost comically large Cuban sandwich.  “Who knew that they make Cuban sandwiches in the Domincan Republic…..this is d…m.m…”  Gillick trails off as pulls a pickle out of his lunch and inspects it.  “It is ironic, don’t you think Sal?”

The Phillies director of international scouting Sal Agostinelli abandons his notebook and looks at him, “What is ironic Pat?”  “We are here to check out this Cuban kid and I found a Cuban sandwich, I just think it is ironic is all.”  Gillick smiles at the fact that he still has over half his sandwich waiting for him as Agostinelli begins to pour over his notes on the recent Cuban defector.

“I wonder if this one is going to be worth the flight down here.”  Gillick looks over the recently removed video that has propelled Yoenis Cespedes from Cuban national team star to coveted major league free agent.  He glares at his laptop screen as Cespedes stands and watches a tape measure home run leave the park for what seems like five minutes.  He grumbles and mumbles something about George Bell before closing his computer and meeting the man who heretofore has existed only as a viral Youtube video.  “Do you like sandwiches?” Gillick says through an interpreter to kick off the workout.

Call it due diligence.  Pat Gillick has some success determining if international players can actually play at the major league level.  When the majority of major league baseball thought that Ichiro was too skinny Gillick disagreed and singed the Japanese outfielder.  The Phillies held a private workout for recent Cuban defector and internet sensation Yoenis Cespedes.  Gillick was sent in to determine if the right handed center fielder was the real deal.  It would certainly be interest to hear the hall of famers thoughts when he returns from Cuba.  I suppose we will all find out what he thinks if the Phillies make a serious run at Cespedes.

I would sign him just because his hype video ended with a pig roast.  Who doesn’t like a pig roast?  In addition, do anyone think there is any correlation between Jimmy Rollins holding a Havana themed fundraiser and the Phillies’ interest in the Cuban outfielder?  No?  Maybe?  I am choosing to believe in far-fetched conspiracy theories so if you are not with me, you are obviously against me.