Jose Canseco is the Sane One


If nothing else, Lenny Dykstra does interesting things.  He also says interesting things.  In this instance interesting in a euphemism for bat shit insane.  Remember when I wrote that post about Lenny fighting Jose Canseco only to back out at the last minute?

Well, apparently Lenny claims that he never agreed to the fight.  He also claims that the man (Dan Herman) who  booked the fight was in no way connected to him.

"If he’s my business manager, I’m a f&*king ballerina.Lenny Dykstra"

It is almost unbelievable that Nails assumes that he has earned some sort of credibility.  He owes everyone money.  He stole the god damn countertops out of his foreclosed home and has managed to become a convicted felon.  In the shit storm that is the life of Lenny Dykstra, he assumes that we should all think it is ridiculous that he is attempting to grab some quick cash by fighting another person with a checkered background.  It was sort of interesting to see Lenny connected with anything close to the sports pages.  After this, he will be strictly relegated to the prison blotter and gossip page.

Dykstra releases official statements peppered with the word fuck. This is the sort of thing that non insane pillars of the community do.  What the hell goes through your head when, in an effort to convince people that you aren’t a crazy scumbag, you fly off the handle and act like a crazy scumbag.  What was said is really immaterial.  What is important here is that Lenny was allegedly paid $5,000 upfront.

What sort of hooker/housekeeper does five grand buy?  Someone should call Lenny for a fucking quote and offer him a bunch of money to dance swan lake.  Enjoy this Jose Canseco.  This may be the last time that he are the most sane person in the room.