Lenny Dykstra is Going to Box Jose Canseco


There has been a precipitous decline in the amount of Lenny Dykstra shirtsies in Philadelphia.  The former center fielder has had a bit of bad luck as of late, but punching Jose Canseco in the face is going to make it all better!  Look, this make seem like the last desperate act of a absolutely horrible human being, but this could signal a turn-around for Nails, or it could actually be a desperate act.  It is really tough to tell.

It is part of the American dream to reclaim lost glory by punching the shit out of someone.  Wait, is it part of the American dream or just part of Rocky IV?  Either way I think that forcing a drug addled, oft arrested former athlete to punch another drug addled, oft arrested former athlete is recipe for quality entertainment.  Hopefully someone is working on a montage of Lenny training.  I am picturing him running….away from his creditors.  Ha!  Zing!

In 1990, these two guys were both all stars and both men were considered good at something.  In 2011 they are participating in a boxing match to attempt to pay off whatever ridiculous debt they have incurred from having ridiculous lifestyles.  I am rooting for Lenny.

Sadly, since I began to write this post, the match has been cancelled.  I think we all win on this one.  Only in America everyone.