Phillies Shut Out, Still Division Champs


Chase Utley went 3-4 with three singles.  That is the high point of the offense in tonight’s game.  Chris Carpenter threw eight innings of shut out ball as the Phillies appeared to be recovering from a post clinch hangover.  The  offense managed eight hits, but none of them went for extra bases.   They also hit into a crap ton of double plays.

I am not too sure what the garner from this one.  It is a pretty significant let down to have to play a game after clinching the division.  Ryan Howard will get a few days off as the Phillies inject him with whatever it is that they inject players with to force them back onto the field and a bunch of September call ups will get some time in the field.  Luckily Charlie Manual will still offer John Bowker the opportunity to strike out.

Cole Hamels was pretty good in this one despite allowing two home runs.  He struck out nine, but put the Phillies in an early hole after the Cardinal first baseman hit a two run home run in the first inning.  I was hoping for a dominant outing fr0m Cole, but this is mostly based on my aforementioned hatred for Tony LaRussa.

Roy Halladay goes for win number nineteen tomorrow.