Shane Victorino Awarded for Wonderfulness to Fellow Humans


Seems like Shane is always getting awards for helping people, which is probably why he is respected throughout all of baseball’s fanbases as a genuinely compassionate human.

Its called the Branch Rickey Award, and they don’t hand it out to just any run-of-the-mill, penny-in-the-poor-box do-gooder.  You have to be an epically well-intentioned fellow to be handed this statue or certificate or elegant scroll or whatever it is.  People have to be singing folk songs about you with mandolin accompaniment around campfires and framing newspaper articles with pictures of you cutting the ribbons of things.  The public has to look at you and think, “Now there goes a gent whose likely on his way to go preserve a human life.”

Does the public think that when it looks at you?!  Of course not.  It thinks, “EEWWWWWWWW!!!

Fortunately, the world has Shane Victorino, who founded the Shane Victorino Foundation, named after Phillies All-Star centerfielder Shane Victorino, which renovated the Nicetown Boys & Girls Club in Philadelphia.  On November 12, he would be physically handed the award in Denver at a ceremony you will not be invited to.

Congratulations to Shane, his wife Melissa, and to all of the rest us living on this planet, because we get to share it with the two of them.