Brewers Salvage Series, Nyjer Morgan Continues to be Insufferable


"I’m not going to win every game.Vance Worley"

Not with that attitude you’re not.  Vance Worley finally lost a game.  This is Vance’s second loss of the season and something like the fourth loss when Brian Schneider is behind the plate.

This is one of those streaks that is completely inexplicable.  A team never loses with its fifth starter and back up catcher who can’t hit.  I suppose this is why the Phillies are 94-48.

The biggest reason that the Brewers avoided the sweep was an excellent start from right hander Yonvani Gallardo.  Gallardo allowed three hits (two of them left the yard) and struck out twelve over seven innings of work.  Gallardo had a really good curveball today and used his fastball effectively enough to keep the Phillies off balance.  Even with his dominant outing, the Brewers trailed by one run entering the seventh inning.

In the bottom of the seventh, Worley recorded two quick outs before surrendering a double to Corey Hart.  Why the hell did Nyjer Morgan have to do something positive?  I would have preferred if the tying run was plated by any other member of the Brewers.  This guy is an absolute disgrace.  I am all for colorful personalities in the game, but this clown seems to overreact in every possible situation.  Morgan plated Hart with a double to left and scored the go ahead run on a single from Ryan Braun.

Shane Victorino and Ryan Howard accounted for all of the Phillies scoring with two solo home runs.  Howard also accounted for two of their three hits adding a second inning single to his homer.

The Phillies just went 6-1 against their biggest competitors in the National League.

Tomorrow, Roy Oswalt and Hunter Pence return to Houston.  Bret Myers pitches for the Astros.  He is one in a long line of players that I despise.