Mid-Series 6-Pack: “I’m sure your lead is safe.”


I wouldn’t want to talk to me about the Braves, but Bob Horton seemed more than willing.  Apparently he talks about them all the time.  On another website called Tomahawk Take, where the Braves are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.  Not here though.

1.  Will Dan Uggla’s focus be elsewhere, now that he’s being sued for millions of dollars?

Nah, he’s got lots of insurance.  But if you find out what carrier wrote the policy, you might want to think about dumping your stock!

2.  So Chipper Jones seems pretty confident.  That’s always nice to see from a middle-aged guy who everyone thought was going to retire a year ago.

See, we’ve told you guys in Philadelphia to leave the thinking to those who are better at it.  See what happens when you do something you’re not qualified to do?

3.  Jair Jurrjens!  He was the feel good story of the year.  Now he’s the knee-related story of the year.  What’s going on here?  Is he critical?  Nonessential?  Already forgotten?

JJ is a Scott Boras client.  Need I say more?

His knee is still barking, apparently about nothing (I’ve been told Boras taught him how to do this, but I don’t know that for sure!).  He’s rehabbing after seeing another doctor this weekend.  Don’t ask how you rehab something that doesn’t exist.

4.  Scott Proctor to the Yankees farm system.  Why has this happened? I’ve settled on “sick joke.”

I’ve settled on “karma”.  It couldn’t happen to a nicer group of guys!

5.  At this point in time, perspectives can be key.  From your point of view, I imagine 7.5 appears a large number, but to me, it can never be big enough.  Do you see the Braves making a significant dent?  Or wilting so desperately that they leave Philadelphia with their confidence in mankind shattered?  NOTE:  They may leave Philadelphia this way regardless of who wins the series.

Actually, I’m sure your lead is safe.  As a matter of fact, I’ve heard that you have some “A” ball starters that need some big league experience.  You should go ahead and call them up before the series with the Braves starts, or at least by the second game.

6.  Let’s celebrate for a second on the one topic we may be able to agree on.  Isn’t it great what’s happening to the Giants?  Not the injuries, so much as the silent plummet from the top?

Once again, I think that Karma is at work, this time to the second nicest group of guys. J  I agree that I don’t cheer for injuries, and we’ve all had our share of those this year.  Having said that, I think that arrogance is at play when you start talking dynasty after winning one title in a row.  But that’s just me.