Chipper Jones Clearly Terrified of Facing Phillies Now; in Playoffs


Having been in second place for the majority of the season, 7.5 games back, and losing two of their starting pitchers, Chipper Jones felt it was an appropriate time for an announcement of his confidence.

"“The only team that can really put any pressure on (the Phillies) and beat them…is us.  The only team that can really put any pressure on (the Phillies) and beat them…is us.  They’re a great ballclub, don’t get me wrong. But we’re not scared of them.”–Chipper Jones, Atlanta Journal-Constitution"

Fear can manifest itself in many forms.  Bed-wetting.  Nail-chewing.  Making unprovoked public statements about how unafraid you are.

I think it’s only fair to lump all three of those things together as we enter a series against the Braves, who are apparently having a heckuva season down there as college football season gets underway.  Their oldest fan and apparently starting third baseman is seems to be all kinds of jazzed about the three games Atlanta will be playing in Philly starting today, so much so that he may celebrate by not even injuring himself.

It may seem like the underdoggedness the Braves are trying to stir up for themselves is a tad misplaced, as they are a team that recently won the NL East 14 times in a row.  But keep in mind that the Braves are constantly playing anywhere from second to 20th fiddle to a variety of things down south, from the aforementioned college football season to NASCAR to the second incarceration of a beloved public figure.

Confidence is important, though.  Speaking of confident old men, did you hear about Jamie Moyer?  So there’s a certain amount of respectability in Chipper’s adorable quotes.

Look, what we should be drawing from this is that beating a pitcher once is the same thing as beating them forever.

In response to Jones’ bold statements, Jimmy Rollins fired back: