Mike Pelfrey Outsucked by Kyle Kendrick


Up until today, the starting rotation of the Philadelphia Phillies had given up one run in this series.  Kyle Kendrick gave up four runs in the first inning.

Bear in mind that all of these runs were aided by a botched play from Michael Martinez.  Kendrick had the opportunity to bail out the diminutive shortstop, but responded by allowing Nick Evans to smash a three run home run.  For a capsule of what this game became, Nick Evans came within a triple of the cycle.  Oh Kyle.  When will you ever learn?

The Phillies fell into a 4-0 hole after the first inning and the Mets had their ace on the mound.  Luckily their “ace” happens to be Mike Pelfrey.  The Phillies strung together a crap load of singles to draw within one run until the Mets got to Kendrick and rookie reliever Michael Schwimmer for three more runs.  Pelfrey managed to pitch out of trouble in pretty much every inning and ended up throwing 125 pitches over his six innings of work.  The most interesting part of his start came when facing his last batter.  Pelfrey threw a breaking ball that Placido Polanco ducked out of the way of.  Pelfrey said something and Mets catcher Josh Thole held Polanco back as he and Pelfrey jawed at one another.  Sarge called the Mets crybabies and I am sure that the Phillies will endeavor to pound the shit out of Pelfrey next time they see him.  He is most certainly an idiot.  It you are going to act that way, at least be good at baseball.

Utley had a great game, Mayberry’s hit streak stopped at six and Shane Victorino continues to smash the ball.  Hunter Pence had a couple of chances to get this one tied up following walks to Ryan Howard but couldn’t get it done.  I suppose this was one of those days.  7-3 Mets in a terribly played baseball game.

Day off followed by Little Roy taking on the Florida Marlins.  Clay Hensley goes for the fish.