Vance Worley Outhits David Wright 2-0


I think that a picture of a dejected Mets pitcher with a triumphant Phillie circling the bases behind him is enough of a recap.  No snarky comments, no thought bubbles and no jokes.  The Mets are getting their proverbial asses handed to them in this series.

Vance Worley overcame some early trouble to toss seven innings of one run ball while striking out a career high nine batters.  For a brief snapshot of the Mets ineptitude take a took at their numbers with men in scoring position.  They were 0-11.  They had five baserunners in the first two innings and didn’t score.  Some of this is attributable to the Vanimal, as he seemed to bear down with men on base, but the majority of this crapfest fell at the feet of the awful Met offense.  Who would have figured that Worley would be 9-1?

Jon Niese followed Dillon Gee into a shit storm.  Said shit storm is named John Mayberry Jr.  Mayberry hit another home run tonight and continued to push for more playing time.  Niese was knocked from the game after four innings of ten hit eight run awfulness.  Mayberry and Shane Victorino hit long home runs and everyone but Brian Schnieder collected a hit.  As I stated yesterday, this would be a little bit more fun if the Mets were a better team, but it is still satisfying to watch their pitchers expressions after home runs.   9-3 Phillies win.

The only point of concern centered around rookie bullpen arm Michael Stutes.  Stutes seems to have slipped a bit from his early season effective form and allowed three runs, including a long homer to Lucas Duda, in his two innings of work.  Hopefully the handsome right hander can figure it out because it looks like Jose Contreras will not be available for the rest of the year.

Tomorrow the Phillies go for the sweep with Kyle Kendrick on the mound.  Mike Pelfrey attempts to salvage some visage of hope for the Mets fanbase.