Fight Fight Fight Fight!

If I were the manager for the San Francisco Giants and a fracas broke out, I would send Barry Zito and Aaron Roward into the fray in an attempt to have them seriously injured thus voiding their ridiculous exorbitant contracts.  I might even have one of their teammates “accidentally” throw something at each corresponding albatross.

Anyway, last night (or early this morning, depending on your definition of night) the Giants and Phillies played the second game of a four game series that is obviously the most important stretch of games in the history of the franchise.  The entire Philadelphia fan base is all charged up to exact some sort of revenge on the Giants, who in turn, have reminded us that they won the world series last year.

Hunter Pence and John Mayberry Jr. both homered in their second consecutive games and Vance Worley bounced back from a subpar start against Pittsburg to earn a 9-2 victory.  There are a bunch of numbers and observations that can be offered to explain that the Phillies absolutely drubbed the Giants.  Um…..well, they won 9-2 witch is a pretty sound ass kicking.  Jonathan Sanchez made his return to the Giants rotation by getting smacked around to the tune of five earned runs in under five innings of work.

Who said that people can not hit home runs in San Francisco?  In addition to Mayberry and Pence, Victorino also added a homer to add to a total of five home runs in the last two games.  Even light hitting catcher Eli Whiteside homered for San Francisco making a complete departure from what essentially every other game in San Francisco has become.

In the top of the sixth inning, as the Phillies were starting to blow the game open, relief pitcher Ramon Ramirez threw a first pitch fastball into the back of Shane Victorino.  Shane quasi charged the mound and Eli Whiteside started jumping up and down for some reason.  The benches cleared, but unfortunately, Brian Wilson was not punched in the face.  Victorino, Ramirez and Whiteside were ejected from the contest and there will likely be a few suspensions following after someone at the league office reviews the tape.

It looked as if the fight was initiated because the Phillies actually hit the ball against the Giants vaunted bullpen.  They can all cram it.

Hamels versus Cain tomorrow afternoon.  Expect some tomfoolery.