Who is Freddy Galvis and What is He Doing in Lehigh Valley


Who is Freddy Galvis again?

Don’t be stupid.  Freddy is frequently brought up in conversation when it comes to infielders of the future.  Namely shortstops, because he is one–the problem being his name ought to be “Freddy Glove-is.”  Or “Freddy Bat-less.”  Or you could just call him “Freddy Galvis” because that is what his name is and trying to shoehorn a joke in there is without a point.

I… feel like I still don’t know who he is.


Are you going to explain it again?


Okay, so… I guess, what is he doing in Lehigh Valley?

Freddy just got promoted from Reading!  As a shortstop who is more of defensive quantity than anything else, he is not a sure thing to replace Jimmy Rollins by a long shot.  He’s only 21 and also

"“He’s by far the most consistent and best shortstop in this league.  He does the stuff that helps the club win.”–Reading Phils manager Mark Parent"

Problem is, now Freddy’s in a different league than before.  Is he the best shortstop in this league, too?  No, he isn’t.

What he needs to watch out for is all those fires that have been burning through Lehigh Valley for some reason.  This concern isn’t just one of my incoherent ramblings, either.  Patrick Berkery shares my fearful sentiment.

"“But even if Galvis is on fire in Lehigh Valley and earns a September call up, I can’t see a scenario where Galvis opens the 2012 season with the Phillies.”—phillyBurbs.com"

Stay healthy, Freddy!  Ruben needs you to deal for Jim Thome.

Great.  So.. what again?  I’m not paying attention anymore.

Neither am I, really.

Then what are we even doing this for.

You mean the Q&A format?  To make the post longer.