Phils Lose First Series Since June 19th


There are really no high aspirations for a game featuring a ridiculously lopsided pitching match-up.  Apparently there is a reason for this phenomenon as Tim Lincecum defeated Kyle Kendick with a 4-1 victory.  Lest you think that Kendrick pitched badly, he was actually pretty good tonight.  In fact, the game was reasonably manageable until the Giants tacked on some insurance runs on some poor defense by Michael Martinez in the seventh inning.

He was tagged for an opposite field home run to Pablo Sandoval and this was absolutely the hardest hit ball of the night.  In essence, this one was not Kendrick’s fault.  The starting pitcher for the Phillies pitched well enough to win the game.

Tim Lincecum shut the Phillies out over his six innings of work, walking four and striking out six.  He was not dominant and may have been helped out by a poor approach at the plate from the Philadelphia offense.  For those of you out there beating the drum to trade Domonic Brown, he seems to consistently work a count and once his defensive liabilities are rectified, he WILL be a solid major league baseball player.

In closing, I hate Brian Wilson.  It isn’t the beard.  I have always had a penchant for ridiculous facial hair and he is probably reasonably amusing when he plays for your team.  When he plays against your favorite team, he become enraging.  Despite the act, he is an extremely good pitcher and he seems to do a good job against the Phils.  Therefore, I hate him.