Danys Baez is Not a Very Good Major League Baseball Pitcher


Cole Hamels gave up one hit to the Pittsburg Pirates tonight.  One hit; a clean single up the middle from Andrew McCutchen in the bottom of the fourth inning.  The Pirates scratched across a run in the bottom of the sixth when Hamels walked Ronny Cedeno on four pitches, he was sacrificed to second and reached third on a wild pitch.  He scored on the least exciting baseball play, the sacrifice fly.

The Phillies were held in check by another horribly average major league pitcher in Jeff Karstens.  He is a awkward looking, junk balling right handed pitcher, who has been borderline horrible for the majority of his career.  This season he has struggled out of awfulness and clawed his way to mediocrity.  Seven innings, one run and four hits.  I followed his performance with aggravated mumbling and barely concealed fury.

The score was tied at one into the bottom of the twelfth inning.  At this point, the Phillies exhausted all of their competent relief pitchers.  Enter Danys Baez.  He managed to get the first two outs in the inning, but Xavier Paul singled on a ball that Shane Victorino probably should have caught.  Paul stole second and Baez predictably surrendered the the game winning single to Jose Tabata.  Ben Francisco showed off the worst corner outfield arm in the game by air mailing the throw to the plate.

Why can’t the Phillies beat the fucking Pirates?

They try again tomorrow with Kyle Kendrick going against Charlie Morton.  Apparently Morton is patterning his delivery off of Roy Halladay’s.  Apparently Kyle Kendrick is patterning his career off of someone far less impressive.  Lets all hope that Morton hasn’t quite figured it all out quite yet.