Jimmy Rollins Picks Mavericks, Says “…dare to believe”


And why shouldn’t the Phillies and Heat be interlinked?  As Phil Sheridan points out, the two are exactly the same.  I mean, Cliff Lee came here–despite better offers–to play in a town he fell in love with, enjoyed his time in, and had the healthcare services necessary to care for his sick child.  Lebron James had his free agency sponsored by Vitamin Water, bathed in money and Cleveland’s tears for an hour, then moved his ridiculous life down to Miami, where he could live as vivaciously and pompously as he wanted while getting high-fived for doing so.

See?  Exactly the same.

J-Roll chose to fight this comparison, as fated as it is, and has selected the Mavericks to win the NBA Finals.

If everybody outside Florida isn’t a Mavericks fan right now, they are awful people, who probably just cheer whenever the TV is turned on, which is always, because they live alone in an empty house full of Lebron James cardboard cut-outs and the casual hum of the TV is their only company.

The key, as Jimmy explains, is that “You have to dare to believe.”  Jimmy dared to believe, and announced it publicly in 2007.  Other teams, other fans, and some of his own teammates were upset by his confidence that in the end proved true.  Lebron, while in somewhat more self-aggrandizing fashion, announced his intention to win a championship, and that seems to be going well, despite everyone outside of Miami hating the fuck out of him.

But the Heat clearly have Jimmy’s inspirational poster up in their locker room, so they should be just fine.