Ben Francisco Fails to Hit Eight Run Home Run in Ninth


There is a fundamental difference in Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee.  Now don’t get snippy, I know that they throw with different arms.  We were privy to a poor Roy Halladay start yesterday.  It consisted of seven innings, a bunch of hits and four runs.  We were unlucky enough to witness a poor Cliff Lee outing directly after Halladay’s clunker.  Lee’s line, five 1/3 innings, six hits, three walks and six runs allowed.  Bad Doc is substantially better than bad Lee.

Unfortunately for the Phillies, bad Lee can also be bested by good Jason Marquis.  Marquis plodded through six 1/3 unspectacular innings allowing eight hits and two runs.  The sinkerballer kept the Phillies off balance and prohibited them from capitalizing on the right hander’s mediocrity.  Domonic Brown continued to pound the ball by homering in the fifth followed directly by a homer from John Mayberry Jr. but the Phils failed to hit the ball with men on base.  Marquis was especially tough on Ryan Howard, helping him to an 0-4 day with three men on base and inducing a crippling double play.  It is absolutely frustrating when the Phils fail to smash the shit out of a mediocre right handed pitcher.

Danny Espinosa has pounded two of the best pitchers in baseball in the last two games.  He touched Roy Halladay for a solo home run yesterday and hit two home runs and notched four RBIs against Cliff Lee.  When a player like Espinosa carries a team, it renders analysis of his prowess impossible.  In the space where analysis should comfortably lie, unearthed rage stirs.  Shouting at the television becomes an art, curving the medium by which this masterpiece is composed.  Go screw Danny Espinosa, you were integral in a 10-2 pasting of my favorite baseball team.

Domonic Brown.  Starting right fielder.  With a homer and a double this evening, I believe the rookie has earned a start versus a lefty in John Lannan tomorrow night.  If Lannan hits Brown, we should all endeavor to pelt him with whatever shitty item is being given away at National’s Park.  Lannan takes on Roy Oswalt and hopefully Domonic Brown in the rubber match of the three game series tomorrow night.

Ben Francisco ended the game by striking out with the score 10-2 meaning that he would have had to hit an eight run homer to tie the game.  Maybe now the headline makes a little more sense.