Everyone’s Father in Law Should Be Very Afraid


This was a sloppy baseball game.  The teams combined to commit five errors with another missed play by Mets first baseman David Murphy in the ninth that was ruled a hit.  This is the sort of crapfest that you would expect from the Mets, but this is absolutely an aberration for the Phillies who are traditionally a solid defensive team.  Mr. Met is undoubtedly hanging his head in shame as the Phanatic pelts him with half eaten raccoon carcasses.  

The Mets sent out left hander Chris Capuano to take his turn in the role of mediocre major league pitcher that is made to look like Steve Carlton by the Phillies offense.  Capuano struck out the first four players that he faced in today’s game and punched out eight in his six innings of work.  How the fuck did this guy ever win eighteen games?  In 2005 he won eighteen and in 2006 he made the all-star team.  What?  Luckily, it is now 2011 and I feel fairly confident that the guy will not make another all-star roster.

Roy Oswalt has looked okay since his return from a lower back injury.  Tonight’s game marked the first in which he was not held to a strict pitch count and he responded by going six innings totaling ninety one pitches.  He has been relying a little more on his off-speed stuff (change up and curve) rather that his fastball, which is a touch troubling for a guy who has relied on an exploding fastball for the majority of his career.  Luckily, he is getting people out, so I don’t think that we should be inching closer to the edge of the building and he is still likely building arm strength.  Roy only allowed on earned run in his six innings, allowing nine hits and striking out two.  I am pretty sure that if we question him too much, he will probably run us over with his bulldozer or shoot us with one of his MANY guns.

The Phillies have never scored a run off Francisco Rodriguez.  Tonight they touched him for three runs and five hits in 2/3 of an inning.  If you are anyone’s father in law, in fact if you ever plan on being a father in law you should stay the fuck away from this guy tonight.  Crazy+Bad at baseball+Documented anger problem=Free punch in the face.  Yikes.  I am sure that any Mets fan would be okay with locking Frankie in a room with Fred Wilpon.  Rodriguez got Raul Ibanez to start the inning before everything fell apart for the excitable closer.  Carlos Ruiz singled, Ross Gload hit a pinch hit single and Domonic Brown followed with what the aforementioned error/single.  A sac fly and an RBI infield single followed to give the Phils a 6-3 lead by the end of the inning.  Ryan Madson struggled allowing an RBI single to Carlos Beltran to make the score 6-4, but eventually got Murphy to ground into a double play to earn his tenth save.

Domonic Brown was 2-2 with two runs scores, a stolen base and an RBI.  Jimmy Rollins was 2-4 with three RBI and Chooch scored a pair of runs in the victory.  For the Mets, Justin Turner went 4-5 with an RBI.  I hate Justin Turner now.  Ronnie Paulino was 2-4 as he continues to knock the crap out of Phillies pitching.

Tomorrow, Mike Pelfrey shuffles to the mound carrying a 3-4 record and a 5.37 ERA to Citi field.  For the Phils, Cole Hamels attempts to atone for his ugly first start of the season.  See you at 7:05 tomorrow night.  Mr. Met sucks.