Bright House Field Continues to Exist Without Chase Utley


Speaking of Chase–I assume you were speaking of him.  Were you not?  Okay, well, pour some coffee on those files, deem them “ruined,” and call today a wash.  There are more important things to do than being somewhat competent.  I also seem to assume you have a painfully cliche office job.  Excuse me for deducing that this isn’t the Phillies blog that attracts professional hang gliders/anyone really.

But this isn’t one of those blog posts that openly insults you and then ends!  I have facts to share!  INTERESTING FACTS.

You know, things weren’t always the way they’ve been in Philly for the past 24 hours.  Once, for two weeks, Chase Utley was in Clearwater, away from his team, away from his fans, and shredding Single-A pitching while buying everybody dinner.

And if you want to see and read a more in dpeth take on where these legendary tales took place, you can find them here, at the end of this seamless transition.

Stadium Journey–the site that called Phils fans “…much better behaved…” (Awww, SJ!  <3)–has a brand new entry documenting Bright House Field, home of our Single-A Clearwater Threshers.

Sure, there’s not a Phillies player currently rehabbing down there–maybe Big Truck, I forget–but there’s still Jonathan Singleton!  Jiwan James!  Joe Savery!  Other guys without “J” names, I’ll bet!

Look, there’s a reason Clearwater was voted Sports Illustrated’s #1 Florida sports town–which, when you consider the amount of pro and college teams down there, is kind of dazzling.  SO if you want the Young Phils experience “…without nary a profanity,” Stadium Journey’s got the scouting report on what you’re going to see and hear.  Its like predicting the future with the internet.