Cards Best Phils in Terrible Baseball Game


I think I can probably sum this one up in a few sentences.  Cliff Lee set a career high in walks with six, which happened to be one less free pass then he had issued for the entire season before tonight and the Cardinals managed to score three runs.

Ryan Howard walked three times because the Cardinals figured out that he is the only person in the Phillies line-up currently that can actually hit the ball out of the infield and thusly the Phillies scored one run off of Jake Westbrook (he entered the game with an ERA of over six).

Ben Fransisco has a noodle arm in right field as he allowed two runs to score on plays that were certainly makable at the plate.  What this is telling me is that I will personally do what it takes to fix Dom Brown’s thumb to get him to the big leagues.  Wilson Valdez batted second and Raul Ibanez (he is hitting around .220) hit third.  Albert Pujols played third base.  This game was a strange sort of affair that proved that different is not always good.

The Cardinals won the game 3-1 and it was essentially unwatchable.

Roy Oswalt makes his return from the DL tomorrow when he faces off with the red hot left hander Jamie Garcia.  Fuck.