Oswalt’s Back is Fine in Shutout Win


Everyone take a deep breath.  Now everyone wonder why the fuck you are awake at 1:30 in the morning to watch a baseball game….you are an adult for gods sake.  Anyway, Roy Oswalt looked just fine tonight as he allowed one hit in six innings while striking out seven.  There were no lingering effects from the back tightness that Oswalt suffered during his last start against the Marlins.

He would have been around longer if not for a couple of long at bats (notably Jorge Cantu’s 14 pitch effort) raising his pitch count.  Little Roy improved to 3-0 and has looked really good in the early going, even though you know damn well that the guy would rather be in Mississippi shooting at dangerous animals.

Mat Latos on the other hand, not only looks like a douche bag, but he is pitching like crap.  Latos stumbled through 4 1/3 innings, allowing two home runs and walking five.  He had a good slider, giving him the ability to strike out seven and he made Ryan Howard look absolutely ridiculous.  Latos managed to not get shelled even though the Phillies had multiple base runners in every inning he pitched.  He handed the ball to the bullpen only trailing 3-0.

The Phillies hit two solo home runs today.  Ben Fransisco and Brian Schneider smashed the living crap out of two Latos offerings directly after Wheels informed us that there would be no home runs today due to the size of the ballpark.  Outside of these two swings, the Phillies squandered a bevy of offensive opportunities.  Howard went 0-5 with four strikeouts letting everyone know that the offense is officially in the dumper.  Fransisco drove in two of the three Phillie runs and Polonco stayed hot going 2-4 with a walk.

Based on the fact that the Padres were shut out, the pitchers (except David Herndon) were the stars of the game.  Oswalt looked healthy, Antonio Bastardo looked like he is really to pitch in high leverage situations, and Jose Contreras earned his fifth save in five chances.  I was really impressed with Bastardo.  Ryan Madson was unavailable tonight so Bastardo was asked to bail Herndon out and ran out there for the next inning.  He allowed a hit and two walks, but escaped without allowing a run.  This coupled with the fact that he has a fantastic name is going to make him popular.  The Phils won 3-0.

It is really late.  I hate it when the Phils go to the west coast.  Tomorrow night, Cole Hamels starts in his home town against Clayton Richard.  I am going to bed.  Good night internet.