Howard and Ibanez Homer as Phillies Beat Braves


I just spent half an hour of my life watching Ryan Howard get his hair cut.  What the fuck is wrong with me?  I think that baseball protracts spring training just to ratchet up anticipation for opening day.  If this is not Bud Selig’s stated strategy, it is working on me.  God damn you Bud Selig.

Today, the Phillies dragged their quasi-lifeless, decrepit bodies on to the field to face the Atlanta Braves.  Halladay versus Kawakami.  This match-up really only has one stated outcome.  Said outcome was realized with a 6-1 Phillies victory today.

Halladay sharpened up for opening day by going three innings of shut out ball and lowering his spring ERA to 0.42.  Doc also gave the Phils the lead with a two run single in the top of the second inning.

Kawakami allowed three runs and five hits in his four innings of work and was sent directly to the Braves double a affiliate after the game.  Atlanta has been unsuccessful in unloading Kawakami even picking up a large percentage of his salary.

Offensive standouts during today’s game were Ryan Howard (2-3, two run home run), Ben Francisco (2-3, RBI, run scored), Shane Victorino (2-3, two runs scored) and Raul Ibanez (1-3, solo home run).

Josh Barfield was designated for assignment after the game, making the horrific dream of Luis Castillo becoming a Phil closer to reality.

Tomorrow the Phils play their final spring training game.  God damn you Bud Selig.  They play the Astros at 1:05.