No Fat Jokes Here; Sabathia Silences Phils


Have I mentioned that I hate the Yankees?  If not, I suppose this post in another opportunity to give you a window into my tortured baseball soul.

I am surrounded by Yankees fans.  I live in a part of the world in which there is a large percentage of New York transplants, this is in addition to the large contingency of front running, fair weather fans that have glommed onto the Yankees.  This gives rise to a large percentage of Yankees fans.  This also gives rise to a large percentage of time in which I yell profanities at said Yankee fans after their stupid team beats the Phillies in the world series, which sends me into a tailspin of angry attempts to discredit the most successful franchise in major league sports.   In addition, I think Nick Swisher is a wang.

Today’s hot dog eating contest  pitching match up: Joe Blanton versus C.C. Sabathia.  C.C. may be fat, but he can pitch.  He went six plus innings today, surrendering one run on a solo home run by Jimmy Rollins.  It looks like the Yankees rotund ace is ready for the season.

Blanton looked about like Blanton looks when he is going well (which is just about like Doc Halladay on his worst day).  He gave up back to back home runs to Mark Texeria and Alex Rodriguez, but managed the damage effectively going six plus innings and allowing four runs.  There is an announcer trick in which they will state that a pitcher “scatters” eight hits if they want to give the impression that he pitched well.  Joe “scattered’ eight hits today, according to people who use words like scatter.

The Yankees ended up putting seven runs of the board, thanks in large part to Antonio Bastardo’s inability to get out left handed hitters.  Eric Chavez’s back is held together with duct tape and bubble gum and the guy still managed to rip a double that was inches from being a home run.  If you plan on being a left handed specialist, it is a fairly good idea to get left handed hitters out.

Mike Zagurski finished the job by allowing a pair of runs in the ninth inning, thus making the score 7-1 Yankees.

Some positives from today’s game were Ryan Howard crushing a double off of a tough left handed pitcher and J-Roll’s first spring homer.

Negatives were having to watch Alex Rodriguez and Nick Swisher play baseball.  God I hate that team.

Next up Halladay pitches against the Astros at 1:05 Monday afternoon.