Phils Beat Former Phils


Spring training starts for veteran pitchers tend to go one of two ways:  1. They pitch well, say that they felt good, but they are still trying to dial in their location. 2. They pitch like crap, say that they felt good, but they are working on something.  There is a third option exercised by Brad Lidge today, which consists of having something wrong with you and not pitching in the game.

Cole Hamels chose number one today and got tuned up by the Astros for five runs and seven hits in 3 2/3 innings.  Hamels allowed his first three home runs of the spring and generally got hit around the ballpark.  Professional eater Carlos Lee was responsible for one of these home runs making me wonder who the fattest outfielder in baseball is this year.  Like all hefty people, Carlos seems to be pretty affable, this fact probably stemming from the fact that the Astros pay him a shit ton of money.

Hamels was opposed today by one of the pieces acquired for Curt Schilling, Nelson Figueroa.  Nelson seems like a nice, well spoken person, but this can not change the fact that Ed Wade thought that he, Vincente Padilla, Omar Daal and Travis Lee were enough to trade Schilling.  I can not stand it when someone reminds me of something that I do not want to be reminded of and because of this, I am happy that the Phillies nailed Figueroa for five runs in four innings of work.

Ed Wade.  Just the mention of that name brings me back to a time and place in which the Phillies were constant disappointments.  Thank you for Roy Oswalt Ed, but don’t think that we don’t remember what you did.

Where was I?  The Phillies made this game 7-6 in the top of the ninth on an RBI single from Ross Gload.  Michael Martinez singled, stole second and moved to third on a wild pitch to set the table for Gload.

Gload was two for two with a game winning single, John Mayberry atoned for his off day yesterday by going two for three and Josh Barfield was one for two with two RBIs marking some of the Phillies positive offensive element.  Hamels just about hit Bill Hall after he allowed the home run to Carlos Lee.  I always like it when pitchers respond like that in spring training.

Hamels also accounted for the biggest negative in the game with his aforementioned line.

Next up for the Phils they take on the Toronto Blue Jays at 1:05.