Chase Utley Swears Injury Is Not an Injury


By late October, the Philadelphia 76ers had lost 13 basketball games.  It was difficult to watch.  So I never did, because I also do not watch nature documentaries where baby elephants are ripped apart by lions, or movies where the main character gets molested in the first scene.  Today, they ramped to a winning record for the first time in 2010-11.  Miracles can happen.  Redemption is attainable.  Baby elephants can stomp fully grown lions to death.

Chase Utley is injured.It was a one-two punch of negativity yesterday, as Jayson Werth’s new persona of “meanie” took verbal form and Chase Utley revealed that all that “general soreness” he’s been feeling isn’t just a thing that will go away, like all of his other problems when he swings or throws at them.

We’ve been restrained long enough.  Chase has been not totally healthy for some time, but the classic spin being thrown in the papers, whether it be from Phillies brass or Chase himself refusing to admit any sort of weakness, has led us to believe things aren’t that bad.  “General soreness” probably isn’t a section of text book in med school.  “Patellar Tendonitis” could be.  Though “What is and isn’t involved in med school” is the last topic I should be commenting on.

Even now, Chase claims this thing that’s preventing him from playing in Spring Training games, causes him pain when he runs or throws, and was delivered to him via a “diagnosis” is more of a “condition” than an “injury.”  He says its “nothing new.”  He says he’s “played through it before.”

"“But the flare-up has lasted longer than usual this time.”—Philadephia Inquirer"

Age” is such a filthy word.  When spelled backwards, it is one letter away from “Egad!” a phrase commonly used to express disgust.  So I want to be careful as I make this next point.  As adamantly as I’ve stated that the fabled “Chase Utley decline” is exactly that–a fable–it’s hard to deny that the description of his condition is what happens when people get older.

I’m sure he’s fine.