Spring Training Officially Almost Begins


They might as well put “EQUIPMENT TRUCKS LEAVE” on the MLB off season calendar, because every year, media outlets get word of that caravan of balls, bats, and and Roy Halladay Arm-Cannon Lubricant heading out from here to Clearwater and you just can’t even begin to count how many times they mention the difference in climate between the two places.

I didn’t even read this one yet, but I’ll bet you the lead-in mentions that here in the north, we’ve got snow, but down in Florida, its sunny and warm!  Ha, ha!  Wacky.

Pointless bickering aside, the day that hats, helmets, and sunflower seeds report to Spring Training is on the verge of becoming a national holiday.  There is no reason to really complain about it, its just another corpse of a news story floating by, and all it does is indicate the ravenous, insatiable hunger for baseball to begin.  If I have to stowaway under a sack of prospects, so be it.

Meanwhile, in an effort to prove Cliff Lee is more popular than cars, the Phillies sent him to an auto show, where he proceeded to do everything but demand several more rings, meet a little girl who was named after him and born on the day of his first World Series start, and explain why the Yankees do not suck, because he is professionally obligated to do so.  We get it, Cliff.  Wink. Sure, sure.  The Yankees are a totally respectable organization.  Wink, wink. What?  Fine, I’ll leave.  This isn’t the first time I’ve been removed forcibly from a car show.  Wink wink wink wink.