Ironpigs Stadium Literally Wins “Best Place Ever”


You know, I’ve never heard of but because they are willing to award us with a first place trophy, I will say that they are *sound of papers shuffling* “…the authoritative voice in game operations and the distributor of choice for sports premiums and promotions for hundreds of teams and event planners.” *30-second silence followed by sound of further papers shuffling*.

Way to go, Ironpigs!  This esteemed award is more than deserved, probably I guess.Coca-Cola Park is pretty neat.  Neat enough to be better than 500 other facilities at all levels, including major, minor, and independent teams.

It makes a lot of sense that one of the best parks in MLB has a minor league facility of the same glorious nature.  Apparently they attracted the most amount of fans in all of the minors, which is only information I am learning seconds before I type it and as I take a second to reflect on that it’s actually pretty incredible, wow.

Good luck trying to keep THESE crowds out, buddy.

[Penn Live]

With rave reviews across the board, and parking priced at a sixth of the cost to park in Philly, maybe if you’re not enjoying CBP with every visit, you should collect yourself and try to see a game in Lehigh instead.

Am I suggesting that fans should have to attend stadiums in the Phillies’ minor league organizations before ever setting foot in Citizens Bank Park because it somehow parallels to the same process the players go through?  Of course not.

Yes, I am doing that.

Now if only the wonderful walls of the The Coke (as I assume it is nicknamed) had held onto Domonic Brown for a bit longer this year instead of letting Charlie string him along into the playoffs to mostly sit there.