Phillies Close the Book on the Worst Idea Ever


Well, my excuse to yell and word-punch my way through the rest of the week was destroyed, as Jeff Francoeur signed with the Royals (or “picked them over” the Phillies, according to this fantastically phrased headline).

Oh no, Jeff!  Won’t you reconsider?!

These Winter Meetings have been surprisingly gutwrenching thus far, especially when you consider they are just well-dressed people having a series of boring conversations in a city hundreds of miles from here.

But, with Francoeur off the table, at least we can rest assured that somebody actively hated by Philadelphians will not be joining the team, and find solace in that the worst that could happen is someone could show up, fail, and watch the hatred for them blossom over time, rather than be there from the start.

Does that make sense?  I guess it only does if you’re consumed by unwarranted hatred every second of your life.

The Phillies are putting the moves on George Sherrill and Dennys Reyes now, less so Sherrill, who apparently wants to go somewhere else (Why? It’s not like anyone here would hate you for no reason or something).

So that leaves Reyes, who is fat, and has become a left-handed belle of the ball, being hunted by a parade of other organizations as well.

Lastly, my Josh Willingham fantasy has yet again been shattered.  The Nationals, now that they have sucked Jayson Werth from our grasp into the illustrious universe of professional baseball in Washington D.C., don’t want to do business with NL East rivals.  Interesting timing for that team policy to show up, now that they’ve gotten what they want and only had to give up a sandwich and a second round draft pick .  And yeah, like, a shit ton of money, but that all apparently belongs to Jayson or something.