Bob Brookover Compares GM Meetings to Dog Shit


Well… he’s not wrong.

The new crimpet of information Philly Inquirer’s own Bob Brookover had to share with us was that Ruben has officially started referring to Jayson “…in the past tense.”

Normally, I’d make some joke about how sentence structure may not necessarily be an indicator of the GM’s next move (Maybe he just thinks he’s dead!), but given the barren wasteland that was these meetings; the zero movement and the endless “groundwork,” this change in speech patterns might be the best hint we’re going to get.

That, plus all that stuff we know already: Werth, free agent, Red Sox, money.

In this video, in which Bob stands in front of a sign reminding people to clean up after their pets (“Nothing says ‘GM Meetings’ like a pet waste sign,” he explains), he informs us of this change, and seems to have nothing but hopeless shrugs to any last shreds of Jayson Werth’s retainment by any Philadelphia-based professional ballclubs.

What I will miss most is typing Jayson’s name.  The letters are all right next to each other.  W-E-R-T and then yeah, you’ve got to reach down a bit for the H, but I was always willing to make that sacrifice for Jayson, as I’m sure he would’ve made it for me had our roles been reversed.

In other news, can we please Matt Rizzoti on the 40-man roster before its too late?  They say baseball’s great because there’s no clock, but its hard to ignore the ticking when a ball-exploder like Rizzoti could be lost because he and Ryan Howard play the same position.  Also, what are we going to do?  Turn our noses up at talented young first baseman until 2016?