Ruben Amaro Hits Ground Running; Tramples J.C. Romero


Ruben Amaro, not lingering his cleaver over the chopping block, has already cut J.C. Romero’s $4.5 million option right the hell out of the picture.  Finished, with dollar signs still dripping from his blade, Amaro eyed the rest of the roster viciously, sending a skewering glare specifically in Jimmy Rollins’ direction.

"“I think we’ll probably let things, at this time, play out. There’s some concern about his production the last couple of years.”"

… he said, a discernible lack of mercy in his tone.

Ruben is not interested in waiting around.  Though Hardball Talk called Romero’s removal a “no-brainer,” and they’re pretty much spot on.

I remember being in the crowd for the NLDS in 2007 and when they announced Romero, he came barreling out of the dugout.  I think he was the first name they called.  The place went nuts for him; moreso than you’d expect for a middle reliever, but he’d sizzled onto the scene with some slick numbers–1.24 ERA and 31 K’s in 36.1 innings.

2009 was also kind to him, as he had a full season of the caliber of pitching he’d only been able to use in 51 appearances the year before.  Then he got suspended for using PEDs.  So.  That was stupid.

And in 2010, he, as they probably considered in the process of declining his extension, “sucked at throwing strikes,” “we’ve got Tony Bastard if we want a lefty specialist,” and “seriously, he threw just a shit-ton of balls.”

So, not shocking, just soon.  Gotta admire Ruben going to work already.  He’s on a real tear lately, saying J-Dub’s year wasn’t “extraordinary,” J-Roll’s job isn’t guaranteed in 2012.  If he’s worried about the lack of a youth movement, he’s right to not baby franchise players who aren’t performing up to their potential.

Of course, his WHOA-NOW prospect Jonathan Singleton isn’t a shortstop.  Actually, he isn’t even a first baseman anymore, thanks to $125 million over five years blocking the path to first base.  So, Jonathan’s been very recently shifted to left field.

Because I’ve found it best not to let my mind fill with negative thought pollution recently, let’s all take a second and envision a future Phillies outfield where Dom Brown is in right, J0nathan Singleton is in left, and… like… a raptor with chainsaws for arms is playing center.


That’s neat.